I only have a dodgy jpeg of this old meme. Not sure where it is from.


Enchanting = there's a dog in it

Heart-warming = a dog and a child

Moving = child dies

Heart-rending = dog dies

Thoughtful = mind-numbingly tedious

Haunting = set in the past

Exotic = set abroad

Audacious = set in the future

Award-winning = set in India

Perceptive = set in north London

Provocative = infuriating

Epic = editor cowed by author's reputation

From the pen of a master = same old same old

In the tradition of = shamelessly derivative

Spare and taut = under researched

Richly detailed = over-researched

Disturbing author = bonkers

Stellar author = young and photogenic

Classic author = hanging in there

Vintage author = past it

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(Really enjoying Great Wives. Nancy’s astrologer was priceless. Thank you.)

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Thanks for including my birth rates piece, Helen!

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Sep 1Liked by Helen Lewis

Very good, as ever, and fortunately I checked the reference about dining out in Edmonton before I sent it to my Canadian friends.

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My father recently retired from his third career as a physics teacher with the Open University (having previously been an RAF pilot and a software salesman). It remains to be seen how long this retirement will last.

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I consider myself overly online, but from this week’s post I learned the words ‘therian’ and ‘otherkin’. Does this mean I’ve actually lived a sheltered life?

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Rory and Alastair had an interesting discussion on that interview on their podcast this week. Worth a listen

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To be fair to Campbell & Stewart I’d consider throwing myself off a balcony if I had to sit through a Phil Collins concert

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Don't forget to credit illustrator Jesse Zhang for the third image!

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